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What are Professors Saying?

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"I had been searching for a computer simulation that incorporated the entrepreneurial process for some time now. I had looked at several but they were more small business oriented, and did not use entrepreneurship concepts. When I became aware of Traction I was very excited, and used it in the classroom for the first time last semester, with three different classes. Students became more engaged and motivated to work harder, and as a result of the game have a deeper understanding of what is involved in starting a new venture"

Roger Weber
Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship
Howard Community College

Management Simulation

Business Simulation

"Traction is great in class... after playing for a while you start seeing, how entrepreneurial decisions concerning different issues affect each other. So students see with their own eyes that there is no such thing as "minor issues" when you run a business. They don't believe you when you tell them this in class, but when they find out themselves . . . well, you should see their eyes, filled with sudden understanding! The most interesting things I've heard said is: "Oh my, I did not expect there is so much going on in business!" So if you wish to have a better understanding of "business insides" - welcome to Traction !"

Anna Svirina
Head of Economics and Management Department
Kazan National Research Technical University

Management Simulation

"I played the Traction simulation and I really liked the way it combines several important entrepreneurial aspects."

Daniel Fischer
Doctoral Candidate
Leibniz University of Hanover

Management Simulation

"I liked that there were many sides of a start-up business in one simulation
hiring, funding, product development, IP, etc. Usually, it is hard to add all of these things in simulation games about business. That is the best part :)"

Mikus Losans
Director of the Business Incubator
University of Latvia and board Game Developer of 'Time for Business'

Management Simulation

Gdansk University students playing Traction

What are Players saying?

Ethics Simulation
Ethics Simulation

"The Traction simulation has been one of the best learning experiences during my whole 5 years of studying...the classes combined fun and knowledge in a best way possible, enabling us to enjoy learning despite sitting in one classroom for the whole day. The simulation itself is designed in a very intuitive way, which helps to focus on the decisions instead of thinking 'how does this or that works?'. Together the lecture and the simulations provided me with the better understanding of how the entrepreneurship works and I can't wait to implement this knowledge in the very near future."

Roman Walczak

Ethics Simulation
Ethics Simulation

"I really like the layout, colors, graphics, icons ... Very professional in appearance. I also loved the random events each turn. I was so surprised when my CEO had a heart attack! Nice job on inputting real world events and possibilities. One of the things I like the most about "Traction" is that it does not look like a kid's game...your simulation has a very professional look and feel to it. I think this to be a strong selling point for Traction. I really like the web interface instead of downloading an App. I also find it refreshing that Flash technology is not used so as to be truly cross-platform compatible. All good points to bring to the attention of any potential customer."

Christopher Kelly

Ethics Simulation
I liked how realistic the experience was in that way, that in some moments you have to decide your next steps without any knowledge of wether it will pay off. Students have to make a basic structure of how they will work in the game, but in the end they have to work on their instincts, as it is in real life business world. I do believe that training skills on being able to respond fast is one of the milestones of becoming an entrepreneur, and that's why I loved the Experiential Simulations game. Thank you for the amazing classes,

Linda Horsta

Ethics Simulation
Even though I have gotten Traction Score for 101 points from my first attempt, but I have to say that this business simulation game is a great way to practice the entrepreneurship. The game itself is user-friendly, challenging, and has great interface. In order to succeed in this game, you have to combine all stratagems you have learned so far. I therefore highly recommend Traction for university students, regardless of field and level. -

Chutinon Putthiwanit, PhD Student in Management Science

What are Corporations saying?

- "The Traction simulation was very valuable in that it helped us to think creatively and understand the difference between being a manager and an entrepreneur."
- "The Traction simulation was a lot of fun and provided me with valuable lessons, without losing money in the process."
- "Traction is a great tool to learn entrepreneurship and to experience how an entrepreneur thinks in real-life."
-"Traction helped me learn about the entrepreurial environment and understand the different variables, building a management team, developing a product, customer validation, business development."
- "Playing Traction is a great way to learn about entrpereneurship!"
- "Traction allowed me to learn by doing, think, make decisions, and see how the different entrepreneurial variables interact with one another."
- "Traction motivated me to start my own business, to structure my thoughts, and to want to become an entrepreneur."

What are Students saying?

Project Management Simulation
- Thank you again for an amazing traction tournament, I really enjoyed it!
From my point of view- loved the way how game was designed, easy to understand and you get used to it fast! Also interesting was to go through all of the evolution stages for your project- if you haven't finished the first- can't go to next level sorry .. It gives drive and enthusiasm to solve the problem way faster in order to move on and grow your simulation business.
For those who are not native English speakers also a good thing is to take a look on start-up/business language and if smth is unclear- search for it! Gives you extra knowledge for sure.
Additionally my favorite moments were the ones- when you got funded! haha :)
- Lessons Learned: Money is crucial. Being able to handle and budget money is so important to living in this world where money really is everything.
Prioritizing will save your _____. Whether it is your business, your finances, or your life, prioritizing can and should be used in every facet of life because it really puts things into perspective and helps with decision making and risk taking.
Life is full of uncertainty. Deal with it. Life involves risks; between deciding whether to quit your job and possibly not finding a new one or even marriage, life is full of risks because you can not know everything. Approach it with a clear, level head, use logic, and take responsibility for yourchoices. You did the best you could do at the time with the resources you had.
Have a vision and stick to it. People say if you set goals and actually work to achieve them,chances are you will meet those goals one day. I thought it was BS before but I believe it now.Always set goals and especially make rules for yourself on how to get to that goal (obviously do not be too restricting though). it will get you far....
- Overall, this was an amazing game and a wonderful experience. I learned so much in this class already, but this game was the cherry (or maybe a thousand of them) on the cake. Thanks for making this available to us....

- A few things that I have learned is things do not always go as planned. The ability to adapt is essential. I also learned that nothing could be done without a great supporting cast. It helped to hire a great team. This assignment took a lot of trial and error. Just like in the real world, you will fail a lot before you succeed. I also learned that risk would lead to reward. Luckily this was not actual money but it is a valuable lesson that I will carry with me.

- I enjoyed this game due to the competition. I felt some sort of competitiveness and I wanted to do better than others. ...It was a little confusing to understand at first. It took a little while to get the hang of it. .... Other than that I enjoyed and learned a lot from this game.

- "This game taught me that sometimes things do not always go as expected. You go into a project with a goal in mind and do everything in your power to accomplish that goal, and you can still have drawbacks. If you handle the drawback accordingly and quickly, it should not set you back to far."

- "Was playing the game a worthwhile experience? Absolutely! It was really interesting to see the immediate result of the actions I took. And I learned fast that even though it is a game, I still cared that my funds were dwindling. I think the fact that the class was competing against each other gave me more incentive to make the right decisions . . . All in all, it is a great simulation for entrepreneur classes ."

- "After completing the game, we learned several lessons. One thing we learned is that customer validation is key to the success of a business. When our customer validation struggled, Prestige Worldwide as a whole struggled. If a business does not understand the needs and wants of the customers, there will be no demand for the businesses product. Another lesson we learned is that a business management team is only as strong as its weakest link. We found our first president Basilia dragging Prestige Worldwide to the ground, fired her, and later saw an immediate improvement after hiring a new president Bryce Wayne. We also learned that the selling of shares was vital to the success of our business. We did not regret selling the majority of our shares but we do regret not pacing when we did sell our shares. We believe that if we had a couple shares left to sell in the last couple rounds we could have come in first place. "

- "The first lesson we learned is that calculated risks are worth the reward. While we did take a risk selectively building the best management team and taking extra time to develop our product; we feel we could have taken even more risks. We were so conservative with our ownership of the company in phase one, we passed up on funding. If we had that funding we would have spent it on connecting with our customers. Which brings us to lesson two, customers should be a priority. We cared very little for customer satisfaction in phase one, and when we finally needed them, they did not know who we were or what we did. This caused us to suffer during phase two. Our third lesson was that we should have evenly spent our money. Since most of our money went to product development, very little was spent on customer discovery. Lastly, we learned that even though we owned a majority of the company that did almost nothing for our score. We should have been more lenient with our ownership."

- "The lessons learned from the Experiential Simulations games were lessons that will stick with us throughout our business careers. The first being you can never have enough money when starting a business. Two, meeting your customers in person will always have a greater outcome on your product validation. Another lesson learned is that there will always be unexpected obstacles to face which can be dealt with in multiple ways but having the ability to respond to these obstacles quickly and efficiently will be the difference in your final overall performance. Lastly we learned that communication is crucial in working with a team. Our team did much better the more we communicated our opinions and decisions throughout the course of the game and is a lesson each of us will take with us for the rest of our business careers."

- "Overall this game has allowed me to gain deeper understanding and overall thinking towards the attitude and decision making as an entrepreneur would. It clearly outlines all the necessary aspects of becoming successful entrepreneur and business owner and is quite a great experience to have even if all is just a game. It allows you to test your knowledge, and witness the results of decisions that you would want to make on a real company and maybe apply it to real life decisions in the future if the results corresponds to what you are aiming for."

- "With all that went on in the game, I believe the biggest lessons are not to get stuck in the planning phase, learn to adapt, share, and to understand how decisions are connected to results. The first lesson is inherently important and one that was just reiterated from the first run of the game to the second. It is crucial in entrepreneurship because it [entrepreneurship] is fluid and fast, it is about getting the next best thing out there and ahead of the pack. And you cannot achieve that planning forever. Once you get out of the planning stage and into making things happen, you have to be able to adapt. This isnt just in response to what customers say and demand after a product is released, this specifically is in the creation mode. Things happen, ideas dont pan out, funds arent received, and yet you still have to continue to meet deadlines. So you end up pulling what you have around you, changing the plan, and perhaps even the goal. It seems essential in entrepreneurship. And that folds into the idea of sharing; my original desire was to hold onto at least fifty percent of the company and yet by the end of my game, I only held twenty six. It is a great deal less than what I wanted and what I would give up if I had the choice. But during the game, I had to make the decision of what was more important having a backer that could increase funds and buzz, or a higher percentage. In the end, decisions were still mine, and I had to learn to share. This leads to the final lesson, which may seem simple to some. Some connections are easy to understand; if I market online to who needs this product/service, my buzz will increase. But there are more intricate connections between actions and results that need to be understood (and admittedly arent yet by me). Again, it may seem the most obvious lesson, but it is the most important. Decisions cannot be made without consideration. If they are, the results could be horrific financially or otherwise."

- "I think that the four most important lessons I learned from Traction would be managment team selection, importance of funding, making decisions with given information, and the value of promotion. I think that management team selection is extremely important when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur or running a successful business because there needs to be a compatability of team members. Without a compatible team and good leadership skills a company or product may fail. Funding is always of importance because money is needed to start and grow companies. By learning how to obtain and properly use funds is important when running a business or producing a product. Which leads us to the next important lesson, making decisions with given information."

- "During traction, many decisions are needed to be made based on given information, like funding. Traction teaches you the lesson that you need to make the final decision on every aspect of the process. From where to place your funds, to who to hire, as well as how to develop your product. Each decision is important and affects your business, even the little decisions. The last important lesson is the value of promotion which helps to teach how important it is to get customer validation. Without customer validation and promotion the business or product may not become fully successful. Customer validation is important, especially today when customers look to media sites and can make a product a success or a failure."
Project Management Simulation

- "Even though I have gotten Traction Score for 101 points from my first attempt, but I have to say that this business simulation game is a great way to practice the entrepreneurship. The game itself is user-friendly, challenging, and has great interface. In order to succeed in this game, you have to combine all stratagems you have learned so far. I therefore highly recommend Traction for university students, regardless of field and level. - Chutinon Putthiwanit, PhD Student in Management Science"

- ".. it was a great experience for us and our future career."

- "This game challenged us to start to think like professionals that are in a charge of budget that needs to be used smartly in order to involve and expand the business... Overall, this companys simulation game helped me to develop an understanding about processes that are a required part of every business. Whilst you are in a charge of the budget and how it will be used the value of the money changes and decisions are thought through more carefully. This game is aimed to make us think like entrepreneurships and also act like ones. This was a good practice that will be valid in the future."

- "The simulation game gave me an opportunity to see in practice the interactions between decisions that we made and the outcome of them. The result was not only our company development, but also better understanding of principles of entrepreneurship that was taught during the lectures. I could not wait the next month to see if we have made a positive effect on our product development, if the chosen candidate has accepted the job offer and if we have got additional funds for further investments... Thank you very much for valuable experience!"

- "The manual is quite clear, interface looks good and is very user friendly. We really did not have a lot of problems understanding what we were supposed to do or what was going on and before entering the Phase 2 we had great customer validation and traction score."

- "Traction simulation game allowed us to get inside an entrepreneur project by managing all kinds of areas needed to launch a startup. Decision making was at the center of this simulation. Which choices were we willing to choose in an evolving environment? What kinds of opportunities or risks are involved in those choices? This was pretty interesting to have this wide range of choices because we could really personalize every aspect of the game and try to make our own strategy."

- "The game was really interesting because we really personalized into being entrepreneur and to manage all projects by ourselves."

Project Management Simulation
-"Quite amazing game... The fact I learned from this is that forming team is the initial stage is the most important part."

- "This was a very interesting simulation. My group played this game every other day and it was an exciting experience. ...In this simulation, we did well because we put in a lot of resources into customer relationship and advertising, which is one of the important things Ive learnt from this course. We also invested in product development and we tried different business models and implemented different approaches. The challenging part of this simulation was getting funds in Phase 1, we already gave as much as 22 percent of our company to the CEO and didnt want to give out more shares to angel investors and Venture Capitalists so we had to rely on family and friends, and government grants for funds but we overcame this in Phase 2 as we had more partners and increase in funds."

- "We did well on this game, actually our team won, with a Traction score of 126 or so. This was because we regularly did IP test, upgrade, regular partner, and customer validation. We played this game dutifully without missing any turn, in addition to this, we always learned from mistakes made in the past and did better in the next turn."

- "The Experiential Simulations simulation allowed us to see what factors are involved in the creation and launch of a technology product."

- "The simulation about technology products was my favourite part of the course. This simulation mimicked an actual technology start-up company.. This simulation made me realize how much you need to have a strategic business plan and model before entering the market."

- "It is clear that this simulation offers a more comprehensive outlook on starting a businees and all that it requires.. it helped me realize how many factors an entrepreneur needs to be coordinating at one time...we could have been more aware of how much each decision factor build on the others."

- "I think the simulation is a great opportunity to have a feeling about how the team, the market trend and products are affecting the whole business."

- "it was comprised of a series of decisions that dealt with areas including finance, staffing, development and delivery among others...this was more onerous that required a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship.. an important life lesson for an entrepreneur as they tend to live a life full of general uncertainty."

- "One way I was able to gain practical experience was with the simulation on product venture... This simulation was very useful for understanding different components of starting a business.. There were many times we had to change our strategy."

- "This simulation had a very good concept."

- "I enjoyed it, even though our team did not do well"

Project Management Simulation