What is the focus of Traction?

Traction is a strategic simulation game. Students develop their startup company in both pre and post revenue stages. Focusing on the team, funding, product development, business models, internal processes. This simulation combines academic concepts and practical experience. Professors discuss the concepts with the class and the players can see how the concepts integrate within the simulation.

Traction is $25 per student
$15 with an applicable Wiley&Sons' entrepreneurship textbook

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Material Covered

Legal Structure

The legal structure consists of intellectual property and concepts such as corporate goverance and employee agreements.

Ethics Simulation

Business Models

Three business models are available and increase the revenue stream possibilities of the company.

Ethics Simulation

Internal Processes

Players must consider their supply chain, niche and global marketing.

Ethics Simulation

Product Development

Players development a generic hardware/software product and can chose a low cost approach or a higher quality approach each having implications.

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Players have a variety of funding mechanisms and see the implications of choices on funding success.

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Customer Development Process

Players can decide whether to align their company with the market or not.

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Professor Tools

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Web Access

All the simulations have web based user interfaces for professors and students.

Grading Metrics

The games come complete with a composite game score and downloadable grade file.

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Support Material

Instruction manuals for students and professors are available. Professors also have access to powerpoints on the game and the concepts within the game.

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Why Traction?

Project Management Simulation
Project Management Simulation

Combines practitioner and academic knowledge

Project Management Simulation

Decisions in information uncertainty

Project Management Simulation

Focus on intellectual capital, innovation and creativity

Project Management Simulation

Have the player move through the multi-dimensional decision space in attempting to build a company.

Project Management Simulation

Manage incomplete information and players must be focused on where they are and where they want to go.

Project Management Simulation

Inexpensive for students, either $20 or $40

Entrepreneurship Simulation

What are people saying?

"Traction simulation game allowed us to get inside an entrepreneur project by managing all kinds of areas needed to launch a startup. Decision making was at the center of this simulation. Which choices were we willing to choose in an evolving environment? What kinds of opportunities or risks are involved in those choices? This was pretty interesting to have this wide range of choices because we could really personalize every aspect of the game and try to make our own strategy."

Entrepreneurship Simulation


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